Wardrobe For Corporate Headshots in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Corporate Photography in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles CA

Corporate Wardrobe & Make-up Suggestions For Executive Headshots


Basic rate – $150 – $200

If you need your make-up done we have professional make-up artists we can call in.



How to tie a proper tie

We highly recommend darker suits, however we suggest gray, charcoal and dark blue over stark black. Black suits are

somewhat difficult to photograph and can give the wrong impression if too many employees are wearing them. That being

said, if you are more comfortable in a black jacket, by all means bring it along. Off-white shirts are generally preferred

(pastels, creams, light-blues, etc.). Also, only wear solid colored shirts (no pin stripes or busy patterns). Solid colored ties are

also encouraged, however, non-distracting patterns are acceptable as well.


If possible, avoid lighter colors when wearing suits and dresses. Grays, charcoals and blues are encouraged. When selecting

blouses to wear with suit-jackets, avoid bright white in favor of off-whites and other solid, lighter colors. If you don’t want to

wear a suit jacket, choose a deeper toned blouse. If you would like to wear a patterned outfit, make sure the patterns are not

distracting. Arrive with your make-up on and hair as you would normally style it, however bring along your make-up bag for

any last minute touch-ups. Also, keep jewelry to a minimum to avoid distractions.

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